Longer Recess
By: Alyssa

Recess would be spectacular if it were longer. You could interact with friends and if you need to catch up on some work you might still be able to come out side and play. You would also have more of a brake so you will do better in class work. I think we should have a longer Recess.
Recess would be so much better if it wear longer. Every time you play a game and I mean a really fun game you have to stop right in the middle and go inside. And you could be interacting with other students then everyone will have lots of friends. I think that if students get a brake than we will do better in school.
If you have a long Recess than I am coming over there. Reason one in case you need to catch up on work you might miss a little Recess but you might still have a little Recess. And you can take a break from work than you will do better in school.
My very last reason is …
If we had longer Recess we won’t need any more for the rest of the day but it your teacher says you can go outside they decide how long you are out.
YOU should try being good you never know your thecher might serpris you with a long Recess.