By: Adrianna

Have you ever been freezing outside and have so much work? do you know how much help it would be to just come in and play games but also have quality work time I think indoor recess would be really helpful. but if it’s cold and snowing and you don’t have snow pants theres really no point going outside just walking on the black top.

I like having indoor recess because I can finish work that’s not done. and one thing that I hate is when your parents don’t know what your working on and your kind of confused too. and it’s harder to fit things into my sculdule because I have things after school such as soccer ,pino and art lesions.

But that’s talk about recess once your done with your work you can play classic and fun games. and you don’t have to worry about homework or school work. and so you don’t have to think your never going to finished something at school.

And I don’t like the cold onily time I like out door recess is when it’s a nice day. and if you get to have indoor recess I whould do work and if you get stuck on something the teachers can help you so your not stuck at home .that’s why I like indoor recess.

I think you should agree with all my reasons because there is a stack of homework on my table . this is what happens when you don’t get to do work at school.